Apex Legends Bloodhound Emotes / Bloodhound Sub Badges For Twitch & Stream Premade Twitch Emotes


Here we have a set of 3 apex legends bloodhound emotes / lifeline sub badges designed based on the apex legends character bloodhound. This emote sales bundle includes 3 awesome subemoted for twitch. These subemotes can be used by your fans to show you love and be connected with you. These bloodhound emotes are awesome and are in 3 different expressions sad, happy and angry. These emotes are super cool and are ready to be downloaded and added to your channel.


These bloodhound emotes can be used as emotes, badges or subemotes in comments sections for streaming on platforms such as twitch, mixer, obs, youtube, facebook, twitter and almost anywhere with your fans.

3 Different bloodhound emotes in one bundle

Each emote comes in 4 sizes [28x28px | 56x56px | 112x112px | 500x500px]

Twitch, Mixer, Youtube & Facebook Ready

Works on white and dark twitch design

Pay & download instantly

Buy these apex legends bloodhound emotes now!

Apex Legends bloodhound Emotes / bloodhound Sub Badges For Twitch & Stream Premade Twitch Emotes


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